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Available Now.......FREE Basic Memberships!!!



Is the “free” level really free?

Yes! In order to help ALL businesses, the free level (or Basic Membership) is really free. The opportunities for businesses to upgrade to investor level memberships are available. Inquire within.


What is included with a Basic Membership?

Basic Membership gives you access to information shared by the St. Charles Regional Chamber as well as a basic directory listing and discounts offered through some of our partners (such as a prescription drug card offering discounts on prescription drugs and office supply discounts at Staples and Office Depot)!


Can I attend events as a Basic member?

You can! For certain events there will be a Basic Membership price and a discounted price for our Investor level members.


Why would I upgrade to an Investor level membership?

Joining as a Basic Member provides our most basic services, access to information, and helps your business get acquainted with what the chamber is all about! In order to gain access to our premium services, i.e., enhanced directory listing, insurance benefits, billboard program, and many more, you would want to consider becoming an Investor level member!



  • Time Limit: Members who join as a Basic Member will be able to maintain this level as long as desired. Based on feedback from the St. Charles Regional Chamber Board of Directors, time limits may feel like a bait and switch customer acquisition model which we want to avoid.
  • Company Size: No limits on company size will be implemented for Basic Membership. Imposing a size limit on companies that join at a free level would be counterintuitive to the inclusive nature of the model.
  • Event Attendance and Advertising: Basic Members will be able to attend all events, however, special pricing will be available to Investors at select events. Similarly, advertising will be available with discounted costs to our Investors.